“We will never be truly safe until we pay respect to the millions of expert peacemakers who are already all around us, quietly working to keep people alive.”

They probably get the least paid, yet do the most work, with little or no thanks. And yet, domestic workers — housecleaners, nannies, home attendants, and people who care for family — are some of the most powerful forces for peace in this world.

They have always been the invisible fuel of our economy, doing the work at home that makes it possible for others to go out and do all other work. They keep us healthy and safe. They make countless decisions about how to care for and discipline people — decisions that add up to shape the course of human evolution. If we care about the survival of our species, we would be wise to minimize military and policing budgets, and shower resources on the legions of people who serve, protect, and defend life at home.
Domestic workers save lives

Consider that nanny, who feed, wipes, washes, plays with and teach babies and toddlers, freeing their parents up to return to their careers and make more money. Or that caregiver for elders and people with disabilities, who shaves men’s faces, baths grown women, and massages neglected muscles, who infuses their hands with care for people who had no one else to touch them.  How can we possibly measure the worth of all the emotional labor that domestic workers do?

Have you taken a thought about that caregiver? Think about that therapist who visit parents of toddlers with developmental differences, reminding them that they are far more powerful than they realize. Firefighters and surgeons are honored for saving lives; but caregivers are lifesavers too: they keep people connected to their reasons for living, one spoonful, wipe, smile, sigh, and tuck-in at a time.

Indeed, there are few jobs as essential to human survival as caregiving. If they were to withhold their services, they’ll leave the world battling with so much inconveniences. People would die!

The media loves to highlight humanity’s antisocial side: fear and violence, greed and competition. We need more media on the side of the caregivers who are making peace and maximizing human potential every day.

Despite great gains in recent years, many domestic workers are still not making a living wage. They need higher pay and benefits. But they’re not the only ones who reap the rewards of good treatment. Their little children deserves to be cared for by someone who slept in peace last night, someone who eats well, and never has to skimp on groceries to pay the rent. Caregivers should also have vacations to look forward to, and enough energy and stability in their life that they have plenty left over to share with their loved ones too. Our employee’s working conditions and our loved one’s living conditions are one and the same. Their dignity is our dignity.

Investing in their security—and dignity

All domestic workers deserve to thrive — but many of us can’t afford to pay them as generously as we should. And those of us who devote hours to caring for our own family members often find that it causes us to take a financial hit. This is where society needs to come in.

Reallion Multiventures acknowledges the limitless value of our caregivers and we demand that more respect be accorded them. Infact, the Cook, the Cleaner, the Nanny or the Driver deserves a similar honor as does a Medical Doctor.

Who cooks your food? Who cooks mine? Who mops all the floors we walk on? Who scrubs all the toilets we use? Who spoonfeeds our aged mothers and our fathers? Who changes your kids’ diapers? Who changes mine? Who raises your kids to mean it when they say sorry, and who taught me what love is? Who do you depend on to stay alive? Do you ever listen to them? Do you have any idea what they’re capable of, and that they have their own needs too?

Our best defenses against loneliness, hate, and violence are right here in our homes, schools, daycares and nursing facilities. Caregivers and domestic workers serve and protect. They defend and connect. They keep us working. They keep us alive. The survival of human dignity depends on our respecting them, and paying them, as the lifesavers they are.

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