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You are here because you need trusted house helps, Nannies, Cooks, Drivers and other household staff, isn’t it?

Yes, we understand how tasking it could be to find such household staff, especially when family & corporate safety is of great essence. The old method of visiting the village to pick just anybody as house help is fast becoming obsolete. Security, professionalism and quality performance have now taken the center stage and these are our key priorities as a company.

Reallion Multiventures provides an individualized service to each of its client. We screen, interview, and do background and medical checks on all our reps (household staff). Our managers ensure to prepare them to bring prosperity and relief to all our clients.

This company provides house helps and other household staff to clients across Nigeria. In Lagos, our clients span estates and areas such as Lekki, Ikoyi, VGC, Ajah, as well as Victoria Island. We also do offer our services to clients on Lagos mainland including major areas such as Magodo, Gbagada, Ogudu, Omole, Ikeja, Ogba, Ojodu and other major estates around.

We have been in business for nearly 3 years and have built long term relationships with various clients. In order for us to best serve you, please fill out the Client request form hereafter. Peradventure you have any questions, do well to contact us via phone, our chat platforms or by email.

Domestic Help Request Form

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To get the best performance, we strongly recommend not to over work domestic staff beyond 8hrs max.


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Indemnity Agreement: The above information describes the position I/we are requesting Reallion Multiventures to fill by searching for and referring candidates to be employed by me/us. I/we agree to abide by all of Reallion Multiventures policies, contracts, and agreements . While Reallion Multiventures endeavors to use its best efforts to recruit and refer qualified applicants that the company believes will accommodate my requirements and particular needs, I understand that the company cannot warrant that the information provided to it by the applicants is true and accurate, or that my employee will perform his/her duties to my satisfaction or will otherwise be suitable for my or my family's specific needs. By signing this agreement I understand and agree to release and discharge Reallion Multiventures and its officers, directors, and agents, from any liabilities, losses, obligations or damages incurred by me as a result of its referral, or by my employment of anyone through Reallion Multiventures.

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