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Have you been seeking an avenue to put your funds to work while you get busy with other things? Here we guide our clients to make wise and lucrative investments into various available programs that gives fantastic returns. We have provisions in place for short term, mid term as well as long term investments. Our team of professionals will guide you through the entire process. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Reallion Multiventures is not a bank, neither do we offer financial services nor portend ourselves to do. We however use our experience with investments and businesses over the past one and a half decade to guide our clients into making wise investment decisions. We also employ the crowd funding approach to set up & expand new businesses and also finance existing ones with the goal of increasing profitability and ultimately share the profit with our investors & partners in a percentage we deem fair to all.


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Indemnity Agreement: I/we understand the risk associated with every investment decisions. That past profits does not necessarily dictate future outcomes. I/we also understand that I may make profit as well as total or partial loss on my investment, with the expectation that Reallion Multiventures would take all reasonable and practicable steps to keep my/our investment safe. I/we therefore give Reallion Multiventures to apply full discretion in its advise and decision on what is best for me/us using the information provided in this application form. I/we agree to abide by all of Reallion Multiventures policies, contracts, and agreements . While Reallion Multiventures endeavors to use its best efforts to serve my/our desire in this direction, I/we understand that the company cannot warrant that my/our investment is totally risk safe. By signing this agreement I/we understand and agree to release and discharge Reallion Multiventures and its officers, directors, and agents, from any liabilities, losses, obligations or damages incurred by me as a result of its advise, or by my investment actions through Reallion Multiventures guidance.

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